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Fiori for S/4 HANA & its benefits

Fiori for S/4 HANA & its benefits

SAP Fiori for S/4 HANA is Used for a replacement for the traditional SAP Graphical User Interface (SAP GUI). Fiori is also popular as the front end for SAP S/4 HANA. The Fiori App Reference Library showcases hundreds of SAP Fiori Apps for SAP HANA. (Fiori runs on SAP HANA). Highlights include apps for accounting (e.g. balance sheet), forms, inventory, custom fields and logic, application logs, billing and receivable, and many, many others.

SAP Fiori is the leading design for all SAP applications. SAP is evolving the SAP Fiori experience to all SAP solutions over time—providing a harmonized user experience across on-premise and cloud solutions leveraging the S/4HANA simplified data model. you quickly appreciate that value to the business delivers tangible and imperceptible benefits.

these are Some Fiori features are either provided working out of the box or require minimal once-off configuration to get them going.

users have cited a perceived lack of flexibility because SAP Fiori apps are optimized individually for certain tasks. They may not fit an organization’s particular business logic. This criticism is less and less true as time goes on.

Working with SAP companies over the long term, we have found the move to Fiori to pay off along multiple dimensions. The Fiori environment is one of the largest of the SAP 4/HANA assets. This complex ERP system not only allows real-time access to data but also instant processing.


Fiori for S/4 HANA & its benefits

Fiori Enterprise Search

Fiori Enterprise Search solves a universal problem for many business users. Fiori Enterprise Search gives a much simpler answer. Even as you start to enter the reference the search suggests some likely matches that you can use straight away.

Fiori Notifications

Another problem for business users is getting a heads up on time-sensitive tasks or information. Usually the best heads-up you could get was an email to your workflow inbox or your email address. notifications that are sent to the user automatically appear in the Notification Center viewport.

Fiori Default Values

Few things are more frustrating than having to enter over and over the values, you use every day, Even better if you are doing a system conversion from SAP Business Suite, or you want to preset the default values for new users.

Fiori Personalization

Personalization lets you as a business user adjust your display to suit your working conditions and your physical and cognitive needs, While not everyone is ready to personalize their own user experience on day 1 of go-live, just knowing that these options are there gives you a sense of control of your own experience.

User Assistance

Everyone needs a little help sometimes. Even when user interfaces are intuitive you still feel comforted and supported when you know help is always close at hand. While this content aimed primarily at SAP S/4HANA Cloud users, most of the content is equally applicable for SAP S/4HANA.

The Fiori apps library has expanded significantly. It now covers virtually all business roles. In addition, enterprises that require niche functionality have the option of implementing SAP Screen Personas to enhance SAP GUI by customizing transactions.

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