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Intelligent Enterprise is a strategy that allows you to transform data into action across all lines of business – driving process automation and innovation,

The Intelligent Enterprise: A strategy for success in the experience economy With the rise of smartphones and social media, it’s never been easier for customers and employees to evaluate which companies provide great experiences, and which ones don’t. So, having the right strategy is paramount.

unlocking new areas of growth and delivering exceptional experiences. Intelligent  technologies will drive a next-generation value economy


✔ SAP is providing an intelligent integrated ERP, covering end-to-end processes, combined with market-leading technology which provides the ideal framework for your business.

✔ Do more with less and empower employees Through process automation and enable  people to do more meaningful work

✔ Deliver best-in-class  customer experience  By anticipating and proactively responding to end-customer needs

✔Invent new business models  and revenue streams By monetizing data-driven capabilities  and applying core competencies in  new ways

✔ 60% of human tasks will be automated by 2025

✔ 97% image recognition accuracy today (better than human accuracy: 95%)

✔ 99% accuracy in voice and video recognition by 2020

✔ $3.5 Trillion annual value created in the enterprise

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