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In today’s environment, Information Technology is a key enabler to realize business objectives. An effective and well-managed IT can bring a competitive advantage. We provided an unbiased view based on our assessment and recommend what’s best in the company’s interest we offer advisory services like

ERP Advisory

Implementing or upgrading SAP is an investment and effort that begins with strategic planning and extends into implementation and well beyond. To achieve the desired return on investment, organizations must seek to implement an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution like SAP that helps integrate and streamlines business processes and technology. This could help them realize potential process and control efficiencies, cost reductions, and effective compliance management.

Functional and Development Audits

TechPoint offers to help make this journey simpler, cost-effective and most importantly, deliver IT value. We have a robust portfolio of IT Advisory service offerings based on diverse industry experience and proven functional knowledge to address the challenges currently faced by businesses and achieve sustainable value proposition from the services.

SAP BW Audits

TechPoint BW expert can audit your system and verify if it is ready to support your Business Analytical Solution and is capable of delivering the solutions expected result. Our Team will also validate that your BI Solution is in-line with the Strategies Mission and Vision and make sure your BW system will continue to run efficiently once historical data starts to mount up.Our audits can validate and does check of the data warehouse related processes as well as a quality check of your SAP BW technical architecture and infrastructure
Our Audit will provide the Checklist what to improve and also guide how to work. We also validate that the system is designed as per LSA and what are missing patches. During our audits we will use a set of architecture guidelines and best practices. We will benchmark your system against these best practices, uncover performance bottlenecks and provide sound and practical advice on maximizing the return on investment (ROI) of your Entire SAP Solution.

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  • Application Consulting
  • Technical Consulting

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