SAP Process Audit & Improvement

For an SAP implementation to deliver true value for money it needs to meet all of the original business objectives and specifications agreed to at the initial project stages. SAP Process Auditing is the process of verifying the conformance of SAP System to the actual business requirements of the organization. Once the new system has passed the go-live stage and even after a period of consolidation, there may be many advantages that are to be fully realized and utilized. These further benefits can usually to identified and obtained through a formal ‘optimization’ process.

Businesses need SAP Process Auditing to

Ø  Pinpoint lacunae in the existing system                                

Ø  Reveal probable implementation flaws 

Ø  Identify day-to-day pain points of users 

Ø  Detect compliance and risk issues 

Ø  Ensure ROI on SAP implementation 

Ø  Make sure of easy scalability

Proces auditing of the SAP system will reveal any probable flaws in the implementation. This will help to minimize risks and compliance issues by reducing implementation errors at the initial stage itself. Our functional consultants present an error and unconformity pattern based on the system audit at the implementation stage. Based on this we propose corrective measures to rectify the issues.

Businesses need SAP functional auditing to

Ø  Increase ROI 

Ø  Increase system effectiveness 

Ø  Handle exceptions faster and better  

Ø  Agility of the ERP system 

Ø  Faster regulatory compliance  

Ø  Support new business models 

Ø  Enhance Productivity and Insight 

Ø  Minimizes Costs and Increases flexibility 

Ø  Optimise IT spend 

Enterprises need to undertake post implementation SAP Process audit to ensure that incorrect implementation or incorrect use of implemetation do not prevent them from achieving ROI on their SAP implementation. TechPoint skilled consultants leverage their expertise in SAP Process audit tools and methodologies to pinpoint possible risk issues and suggest their fixes. Our functional audit team ensures that SAP systems comply with the necessary requirements for the functionality and documentation.