SAP Services

Consumer expectations are shifting from technology features to business outcomes. In today’s dynamic business environment, firms need to simplify and streamline processes to enhance customer experience and improve operational efficiencies.

By minimizing complexity, agile companies can find answers quickly in reams of data, adapt processes to fluctuating market conditions and customer demands and support real-time decision-making with any time, anywhere operations.

By bringing simple to state-of-the-art, companies can deliver personalized and contextual experiences when and how their customers and partners expect while positioning themselves to align with new digital business models as quickly as they arise.

Tech Point Business Solution Private Limited capabilities and services are focused on business outcomes for our customers through revamped Solutions and Consulting, Digital Services and Transformative AVM services.

Application Consulting:

We have witnessed increasing business involvement in IT-related decisions across enterprises. In Application Value Management (AVM), businesses are demanding:

Technical Consulting:

Enterprise applications are foundational to how organziations grow and scale their businesses. To keep performance optimal, customization and enhancements are required, 

Top Talent

We offer high caliber experts and SMEs to manage and execute your SAP projects. We ensure this right from the start by setting a high bar for recruitment, training, grooming mentoring, in appraising our employees and retaining top talent.

Focus on Delivery

Our culture and processes give us a razor-sharp focus on delivery that is both timely and of the highest quality possible. The functional team has an average of 5 years of domain expertise.
100+ strong team


At TechPoint, we boast of people at all levels who are leaders in their specific domains and technology. this helps us navigate through the toughest requirements and challenges and still deliver the best on-time always.

Our personality

while we are experts in our domain, we are also agile, We are both nimble and stable at the same time. this helps us cut through the noise and stay at the forefront.