supply chain with s4 hana

Transform Supply chain with S/4 hana

Transform Supply chain with S/4 Hana

Digitization of the economy is continuing to accelerate the pace of innovation, shortening the product life cycle, and increasing the demand volatility. At an equivalent time, supply chains are getting global and increasingly complex. To be during a position to make and capture opportunities, companies must develop an environment during which they will manage information and processes simultaneously across the extended supply chain. This evolution of supply chains is more connected, intelligent, responsive, and predictive. It enables companies to drive customer-centric processes and deliver personalized products uniquely built and delivered for the “segment of 1 .” These demanding customers need to be serviced across a business network of worldwide partners that are increasingly challenged by resource scarcity. This transformation will still impact the business processes and systems that are required to stay competitive. It will change how we design, plan, make, ship, and operate our products and assets.

Warehousing and Transportation on One Platform:-

Single warehousing platform for all warehousing operations, including optimization, automation, and labor management.
Single transportation platform with basic and advanced shipping functionality and real-time embedded analytics.

end-to-end supply chain planning

Demand Driven Material Requirement Planning (DDMRP):-

Dynamic planning of replenishments with DDMRP which is fully integrated into the existing MRP concept. Replenishment just for real demand and introduction of buffers at strategic details.


Live Inventory Management:-

Live inventory management enabling unlimited simultaneous material movements and allowing true transparency on inventory and material flows. Decreased stock buffers thanks to better transparency and insights.


Predictive Forecasting and Demand Sensing:-

Short-term demand prediction with demand sensing algorithms. Remote capture and analysis of sensor data from connected devices and feeding to the demand management process.


Plan to Position’ is an end-to-end supply chain planning scenario that relates to production, procurement, and positioning the product in the supply chain in anticipation of demand. The scenario starts with setting business objectives and includes the tactical and operational decisions to set the demand plan, capacities, and inventory targets.


Order to Delivery’ is an end-to-end supply chain planning and execution scenario that relates to efficient order fulfillment and delivery. The scenario starts with capturing a sales order and includes order confirmation, material requirement planning, production, procurement and ends with material dispatch.


Customer expectations are changing and individualized products are becoming commonplace. It’s not about selling the merchandise but caring about the customer from the start through the whole lifecycle. The ability to deliver the same day or even the same hour to different types of locations is the key to great customer experience.

Companies are moving “closer to home” and reducing outsourced manufacturing with the preference of local manufacturing. To make manufacturing processes more efficient and affordable there’s a rise in automation and robotics on the assembly floor. Also, assets and products are becoming more connected and smarter.


The new economy is the networked economy. Organizations are seeking cross-department and cross-industry business network collaboration. Also, visibility down multiple levels of a supply chain is required for sustainable and socially responsible networks.


An increasing percentage of the world’s population now lives in cities and urban areas. This increases the pressure on infrastructures such as electricity, water, and power grids and thus the need to optimize space and logistics. Also, as manufacturing becomes more automated, the role of employees and therefore the skills required also are evolving.

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