Active Alerts for your SAP System

Active Alerts for your SAP System

The early-warning system for your SAP system  

What is it?

Active Alerts is an innovative support tool that proactively generates alerts on SAP application related issues. Users are made aware when important events take place and your IT team alerted if a recognized problem needs attention. This early warning system helps prevent issues from becoming potentially damaging to your business. Active Alerts can help both protect and support your business on a 24 x 7 basis.

Who is it for?

Any person or group who provides support for your SAP application to ensure smooth day-to-day running for your organization. This could include the IT manager, IT administration manager, SAP support manager, external support organization or your project implementation manager. Of course, alerts can be sent to anyone either inside or even outside your organization.
Active Alerts can work across all SAP modules and all industries wherever you are located.

Examples of Alerts

  • Failed IDocs
  • Key aborted/canceled jobs
  • Un-processed EDI text files
  • Key data missing in any SAP table
  • Compliance issues: changes in user authorization
  • Application issues: PO approved by the same person who requested PO, AP invoice approved by the same person who previously “parked” it.

Alerts pushed automatically to email or if preferred (optionally) to a mobile device

IT Benefits:

  • Finding out about an issue earlier can reduce any potential harm on the business
  • Helps prevent issues from becoming potentially damaging
  • Reduces time, cost & reliance on doing manual checks
  • Reduces development costs of writing own automated checks (e.g. using ABAP)
  • Better equipped to manage change
  • Pro-active approach available on a 24 x 7 basis
  • Perform better against support Service Level Agreements


  • Based on Infoset and other data Extract classes
  • Flexibility to decide how often alerts are required
  • Automate SAP standard SQ02, SQ01 queries
  • The minimum number of scheduled jobs involved (only 1 SM37 job for all alerts).
  • No need for SM36 or SM37 for each alert
  • Alerts can be “all” or just net change since the previous alert
  • Alert recipient can be: SAP user, SUGR user group, individual email address, role-based or auto determined dynamically from SAP transaction.
  • Alerts pushed to either email and/or mobile device
  • Call-to-action with a control description
  • Option for workflow style link from alert
  • Works across all SAP modules
  • ABAP developed with the standard user interface
  • SAP mobile platform
  • Pre-loaded with out of box alerts
  • Familiar screens – easy to learn
  • No complex implementation required

User Benefits:

  • Introduces controls & alerting to meet your specific needs
  • Improves exception handling procedures
  • Prevents issues from becoming potentially damaging to your business
  • Reduces the need for IT developed checks & controls
  • No need for you to worry about SAP job scheduling
  • Tighter controls to ensure compliance
  • Clear & targeted mitigation procedures
  • Out-of-box alerts can speed up the implementation process
  • Out-of-box alerts allow you to quickly adopt best business practices
  • Better equipped to manage to change e.g. new business process, new module, upgrade etc
  • Available on a 24 x 7 basis

“The pro-active and preventive nature of Active Alerts means quick detection of critical issues. This has easily translated into greater SAP support to business”.

…Active Alerts plays a vital role in SAP projects. It provides 24 x 7 comfort that you are on top of critical issues…