Technical Consulting

SAP SuccessFactors

Product Introduction

  • SAP SuccessFactors is a specialized cloud-based Human Resource software that can be easily incorporated to develop a complete Human Capital Management (HCM) solution.
  • Revamp the entire workplace. HR departments of any business domain can manage and implement all Human Resource personnelā€™s roles digitally.
  • Get a complete tray of tools that will assist you to find the best-suited people for your organization.
  • Simplified workforce analytics are accessible to HR personnel, that provides them precise insights which tend to be helpful in decision making.

Employee Motivation

SAP Success Factor helps encourage employees to develop skills as per business requirements. It provides employee experience that is required for an intelligent enterprise. This way, employees evolve with the transforming technologies.

Cloud Based HCM Software

This solution provides you easy and smooth integration with other SAP solutions such as S/4 HANA, Digital Boardroom, HANA, etc. This integration allows you to check status of workforce and business activities from anywhere and at any time.

Smart Digital Technologies

Constantly evolving technologies with SAP helps design the workplace and employees for future. The modern technologies provide a scope of development for employees. The staff can develop skills based on the new technologies.

Transform HR Processes

This human capital management software helps transform your business for future workforce. It gives your business an opportunity to develop a contemporary team.

Key Insights

SAP SuccessFactors provides you live analytics and insights for your business. These insights help design better processes and align them as per the current workforce.

Services That We Offer In Association With SAP SuccessFactors

Intelligent Talent HR has the potential to offer excellent employee experiences. Talent planning solutions can bring about large scale implications on future workforce. SAP SuccessFactors HCM Suite can help employees excel based on future business opportunities.



SAP SuccessFactor helps streamline strategy and support every business activity and project. Transform HR processes to make optimal use of time and resources. This SAP solution can suggest alterations in business processes and based on the current and future needs.



SAP SuccessFactors HCM Suite helps to maintain a global workforce. Business specialists with in-depth knowledge of digital technologies can help redefine future workforce. This SAP solution helps you to hire the best talent for your business and well in advance. SAP SuccessFactor can guide and train your new workforce and encourage them to give their best performance.



Acquire long term success with quick SAP SuccessFactor implementation. An easy integration with the right Human Resource management system can optimize business engagements. Businesses no longer have to struggle to meet ends. Everything can be easily managed through a single SAP solution.



Human Resource management can help achieve deadlines within stipulated time and budget. Human capital management software can help attain business objectives. Intelligent talent HR can encourage long-term partnership. Transform HR processes to synchronize and optimize business assets.