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TechPoint Business Solution provides a complete solution to GROW with SAP services to boost adoption, community, and education so that cloud ERP can be strongly implemented by any size business.

Many midmarket companies are growing quickly and need the proper solutions for their business and technical requirements. SAP recognized the need for a new approach to digital transformation that was quick, predictable, and innovative. GROW with SAP is the barrier-breaking entryway into cloud ERP. Unifying solutions, services, and industry knowledge means that customers can quickly embrace their transition.

GROW with SAP customers gets the same best practices powering the world’s industry leaders while benefiting from rapid deployment and frictionless updates.

Who Is GROW with SAP For?

GROW with SAP is designed with greenfield implementers in mind who are moving to the cloud. A major target audience is the midmarket space; however, they do have an approach for scale-ups. Many companies would turn to GROW with SAP because the solutions they are using no longer fit their requirements for expanding their business. This offer is for a company that is brand new to the world of SAP ERP or cloud solutions, and it leads with a straightforward and predictable onboarding approach for quick and sufficient adoption.

GROW with SAP Solutions

GROW with SAP is built on SAP S/4HANA Cloud, a public edition, and includes the SAP Business Technology Platform. Let’s examine its main components.

SAP S/4HANA Cloud, Public Edition

SAP S/4HANA Cloud, public edition is scalable, which allows customers to adapt quickly to meet business needs without adding complexity to the process. The solution runs using industry best practices and supports preconfigured processes that help fast-track growth. It can run processes in areas like finance, sales, supply chain, sourcing, and procurement. Since the solution is a software-as-a-service, systems are constantly updated so they always remain current. It also offers built-in security and compliance-update features.


SAP S/4HANA Cloud, a public edition runs on SAP BTP, enabling developers to build, integrate, and collaborate. It is an innovative platform that heightens business processes and functions by synergizing data and analytics, AI, application development, automation, and integration. It’s friendly to novice and advanced developers since it offers low-code/no-code automation processes. Developers can quickly build applications and business sites, as well as integrate business data across SAP and third-party systems using prebuilt components, connectors, and business content.

GROW with SAP Benefits

Customers benefit from various features that GROW with SAP offers. Let’s take a look at them.


Customers save time with the assistance of AI-driven bots and low-code/no-code tools for automating and optimizing business processes. Many companies in the midmarket space lack heavy IT support, so GROW with SAP is attractive to these customers since it provides optimized processes and tools that require little assistance from IT experts. Companies can then shift their focus from time-consuming tasks to work on other activities designed to further accelerate their businesses.


It gives customers access to the SAP Community, which offers a place for software users, developers, consultants, mentors, and students to share ideas, learn, and connect with one another. The SAP Community is a space to gain knowledge on specific topics, business trends, events, and more. Customers can contribute blog posts, get topic information from experts, ask questions, and collaborate with members.

Another learning aspect of GROW with SAP is the ability to access technical training on the SAP Learning site. SAP Learning offerings include role and industry-specific resources to help users build their cloud skills. Customers can explore specific topics and solutions, SAP learning journeys, and certification offerings.

Optimized Adoption

While, GROW with SAP utilizes the SAP Activate methodology, used to guide customers through the activation of SAP S/4HANA Cloud, public edition. SAP Activate is an innovation-as-a-service framework that aids customers in deploying and extending solution capabilities. The methodology comprises six phases discover, prepare, explore, realize, deploy, and run to help achieve proper implementation standards. SAP Activate includes preexisting content for implementing ready-to-run business processes. It also provides best practices for customers to reduce risks, accelerate implementation time, and reduce implementation and post-implementation costs. The integrated tools assist customers with configuration, system and project management, migration, testing, solution extension, and integration.