Chemical And Pharmaceuticals

To meet the most challenging needs of the growing Chemical Industry it is essential to monitor your business real time and respond to any situation immediately.  The Ministry of Environment, Forestry & Climate Change, for example, has strict local compliance and regulatory standards that apply to the chemical industry. You might need to comply with the demands of numerous governmental organisations, such as pollution control boards, environment protection agencies, etc., depending on the products you create. You might need to adhere to their nations’ criteria if you’re importing your goods into European or American nations. You can also be required to satisfy internal or governmental targets for your carbon impact. 

Chemical Vertical specific Pain Points:-

  • Maintaining of Certified Vendor list and linking to PO
  • Material Categorization & determination Schemes
  • Certificate of Analysis, Quality Management
  • Batch management, Inventory Tracking
  • Handling of Co-product & Bi-Product
  • Formulations
  • Warehouse Management