Technical Consulting

SAP Concur

Technology to kickstart your transformation

By successfully adopting SAP Concur trip, request, expense, and invoice management solutions, you may transform your spend management tactics and procedures.

SAP Concur Solutions We Support

  • SAP Concur Request
  • Travel Management Solutions, including SAP Concur Travel, Locate and TripLink
  • Expense Management Solutions, including SAP Concur Expense, Detect, Drive and Budget
  • Invoice Management Solutions, including SAP Concur Purchase Request, Invoice Management and Intelligent Capture

Advisory Services

Evolve your spend management program and technology solutions to improve efficiencies, reduce risk and realize savings. We help you assess current business functions and processes, identify risk and develop strategies to provide actionable insights and improve performance Рguiding you through the vendor selection process, planning, implementation and deployment. These services and related program elements can impact an organization’s spend management program, such as card program strategy, strategic sourcing, policy alignment and travel management company relationships.


Use SAP Concur solutions in a productive and efficient manner.
Techpoint  professionals assist you in designing, building, testing, and deploying your
technology solution to produce the efficiencies and transparency necessary to enhance
your spend management programme, from evaluating your organization's readiness to
implement to supporting you in your post-go-live activities. To ensure a successful
implementation, high uptake, and realised benefits, Techpoint  works with you to build
tailored deployment, change management, training, and integrated support strategies.


Your technology solutions should continue to be improved after going live. Our
optimization services are created to optimise your investment while enhancing the user
experience, whether you are focusing on continuous improvement or trying to expand
the benefits of your SAP Concur solutions. In order to help you improve your
operations and technologies, we work with you to establish your intended future state,
optimise site configuration, improve processes, align policies, and analyse internal
controls and traveller risk management procedures using industry best practises.

Business Process Redesign

Integrating your present data, systems, and processes with SAP Concur solutions will
streamline corporate processes and boost operational efficiency. In order to increase
visibility and the management of spend across your business, we work with you to
establish, optimise, and automate your spend management activities and procedures.
This will make it simpler for employees to acquire, pay, and reconcile travel and
organisational expenses

Change Management

By evaluating current operations, business processes, and organisational alignment, lay
a strong basis for continual improvement. Together, we develop the best change
management and training strategy to support your implementation and reduce risk or
resistance. To optimise the benefits obtained, our tried-and-true approaches assist you
in advancing your spend management priorities and boosting enterprise-wide adoption.

Data Management

Technology systems are only as effective as the data they provide. Huron experts work with you to build a data foundation and integrate data systems that support your SAP Concur technologies, enabling you to turn data into actionable insights and drive better, faster decision making.

Managed Services

After go-live, your team will need to continue to stabilize and sustain the performance of your technologies and adopt continuously changing functionality. We collaborate with you to provide ongoing managed services support to maintain and enhance your technology solution, working with you to align a program that meets your unique needs and ensure successful, long-term adoption and realized benefits.