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What Is GROW with SAP?

TechPoint Business Solution provides a complete solution to GROW with SAP services to boost adoption, community, and education so that cloud ERP can be strongly implied by any size business.

The term “GROW with SAP” describes a program launched by the multinational German software company SAP (Systems, Applications, and Products in Data Processing). The specifics of some initiatives or programs, though, might have changed since then.

Since SAP usually launches new initiatives and programs, it’s best to visit the official SAP website or get in touch with SAP directly for the most recent information regarding “GROW with SAP” and other similar programs.

Ready-to-run cloud ERP solution

With a ready-to-use cloud ERP, you can expand without boundaries and create your ideas. SAP S/4HANA Cloud, Public Edition uses ongoing innovation and the most recent industry best practices to help your business grow faster.

Accelerate for GROW with SAP

Roll out your cloud ERP more quickly with tried-and-true tools and processes. By using a proven deployment service, you can minimize surprises with a predictable scope and deadline.

Community and learning

Participate and gain knowledge from a cooperative, transparent community of SAP partners, customers, and experts. Having access to flexible learning that is an outcome of your objective and training can help you gain new ability and gain more acceptance within your team.

With TechPoint Business Solution, learn the value of GROW with SAP

Run with industry best practices

  • Advance your company operations with pre-configured procedures.
  • Increase output by using the unified robots.
  • Utilizing AI, business events, and KPIs, boosts the system.

Build your boost

  • By offering innovative business models, expand your audience and boost sales.
  • Assess what works best for you and where you can improve.
  • Give low code development tools to create.

Grow without limits

  • Keeping updated with local, state, and industry regulations will expedite your expansion.
  • Grow continuously using crucial metrics and complete transparency.
  • Increase output while expanding your network of vendors.

Go live with confidence

  • Make advantage of tried-and-true SAP Activate tools and techniques to boost production speed.
  • Maintain a predictable scope and timeline to prevent surprises.
  • Gain knowledge from a friendly, cooperative community.

Optimized Adoption

The SAP Activate approach is employed by GROW with SAP to assist clients with activating the public edition of SAP S/4HANA Cloud. SAP Activate is a platform that offers innovation as a service and helps users extend and deploy the capability of their solutions. 

The methodology consists of six phases discover, prepare, explore, realize, deploy, and run to help achieve proper SAP implementation standards. SAP Activate includes pre-existing content for implementing ready-to-run business processes. Additionally, it gives clients best practices for lowering risks, speeding up implementation, and cutting costs associated with both implementation and post-implementation. The integrated tools assist customers with configuration, system and project management, migration, testing, solution extension, and integration.