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In January 2021, SAP introduced a unique and powerful solution offering called SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP). SAP BTP is the technical foundation of the entire SAP ecosystem and plays a crucial role for all SAP customers and partners.

SAP Business Technology Platform BTP SAP Cloud

In this blog, we will learn:

What is SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP)?
Technical aspects of SAP BTP
Four Keys of SAP BTP
History of SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP)
Why was “SAP Cloud Platform” rebranded to “SAP Business Technology Platform”?
What makes SAP BTP different?

What is SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP)?

SAP BTP is an offering from SAP that fulfills all these requirements. SAP BTP is a portfolio of SAP solutions and services that are brought under one umbrella. These services and solutions help organizations build a new cloud solution or extend SAP systems.

In other words – SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP) is a bundle of many, many different services. Some of those services can be used for innovation and application development, some services are purely for monitoring, some are databases as a service, and some are runtimes as a service. The BTP platform gives you access to all these services.

SAP BTP provides all the necessary resources to create a cloud solution. It allows you to focus on business logic, while BTP takes care of the technical aspects behind the scenes.

The company SAP (Start-up Assistance Provider) does not require you to pay all the money up-front. But provide an easy Pay-as-you-go model (equivalent to the Pay-As-You-Go model in SAP BTP) where you pay a very minimal amount at the beginning to start your business. As and when you need more service, you can pay accordingly.

Just like this unique service helps people open a world-class restaurant by focusing only on their core business: cooking and serving delicious food, SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP) helps organizations build world-class cloud solutions by focusing only on their core business.

Developers understand technical terms better such as coding, program, language, runtime, database, and API.

Let’s decode SAP BTP for developers.

Assume you are a developer at an SAP partner or customer and have been given the responsibility to build a new cloud solution and extend an existing SAP solution. Let’s make a wishlist of developers to fulfill this requirement and see how SAP BTP addresses that.

  1. To start the project immediately, you need a Platform-as-a-Service which helps you to build and deploy cloud solutions without any local installation. The platform should allow you to choose any programming language of your choice.
    –> Technically, SAP Business Technology Platform can be considered as a Platform-as-as-a-Service. SAP BTP provides 3 environments – Cloud Foundry, ABAP, and Kyma. All these environments give you options to choose any programming language in the world and give you a ready-made platform to build and deploy any cloud solution.
  2. As a developer, you need a ready-made development environment where all the plugins (e.g. CLI tools, build tools, test tools, etc.) are preinstalled.
    –> SAP BTP provides a service called SAP Business Application Studio, which gives you a ready-made development environment. You can start coding for your solution in no time. No need to install or configure anything.
  3. As a developer, you wish for a setup where all the builds and deployments can be done in one click.
    –> SAP Business Application Studio along with MTA Build Tool (MBT), BTP CLI, etc. simplifies all the build and deployment—no need to spend hours in building and deploying your code.
  4. One of the major requirements of a cloud solution is a Database-as-a-Service that fulfills all data-related requirements – Be it storing huge amounts of data processing structured as well as unstructured data or providing real-time access to data from multiple sources.
    –> SAP BTP provides a cloud-effective variant of the SAP HANA database called “SAP HANA Cloud”—one service to solve all your data-related requirements.
  5. Developers love to focus on solving complex business requirements and writing the best algorithm.
    –> SAP BTP provides frameworks like the “SAP Cloud Application Programming Model” which minimizes developers’ jobs. It helps developers focus only on business logic and take care of everything else.
  6. As a developer, you look for services that simplify integration. Nobody wants to spend hours integrating and maintaining the systems.
    –> SAP BTP provides a bundle of services under “SAP Integration Suite” which helps you seamlessly integrate any SAP and non-SAP systems and applications. The Core Components of SAP Business Technology Platform:

Database and Data Management: BTP provides a robust foundation for storing, managing, and analyzing data. It offers advanced database solutions that ensure data integrity, security, and accessibility, empowering organizations to make data-driven decisions with confidence.

Application Development: BTP enables the creation of tailored applications that cater to specific business needs. Its development tools facilitate agile and efficient app development, from mobile apps to complex enterprise solutions.

Analytics: Extracting actionable insights from data is at the heart of BTP. Its analytics capabilities empower users to visualize data, perform advanced analytics, and make informed decisions based on real-time information.

Intelligent Technologies: BTP integrates intelligent technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and the Internet of Things (IoT) to infuse intelligence into processes, predict trends, and automate routine tasks.

History of SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP)
Although SAP’s BTP offering is relatively new, it consists of solutions that have been around for years, and some of the BTP components go back quite a long way.

The Application Development and Integration pillar of SAP BTP can trace its lineage back to SAP NetWeaver Cloud (Neo) – SAP’s first Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) offering.

2012: SAP entered the PaaS market with “SAP NetWeaver Cloud”. The code name Neo, is short for NetWeaver On-Demand.

2013: SAP NetWeaver Cloud renamed to “SAP HANA Cloud Platform

2017: Cloud Foundry environment got added along with Neo

2017: The term “HANA” was dropped from the name. New name: “SAP Cloud Platform”. So far, it was a PaaS offering by SAP to create new applications or extend existing SAP applications in a secure cloud environment.

2018: ABAP environment was added to the SAP Cloud Platform

2020: The Kyma environment was added to the SAP Cloud Platform

2021: SAP Cloud Platform brand was officially retired to support SAP’s One Platform Strategy. SAP BTP was introduced as a new brand name. SAP BTP provides extended functionality; however, the core is still equivalent to what was formerly known as SAP Cloud Platform.

SAP BTP is not a 1:1 replacement of SAP Cloud Platform. SAP Cloud Platform makes up only the application development and integration pillar of SAP BTP

Why was “SAP Cloud Platform” rebranded to “SAP Business Technology Platform”?
SAP Cloud Platform was originally focused on providing cloud-based services for businesses. However, as time went on, SAP realized that its platform was offering more than just cloud services. It also included technologies for application development, integration, analytics, and more.
To better represent the broader range of offerings and show that it’s not just about the cloud, SAP decided to rebrand its platform as SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP).
This new name helps customers understand that the platform is not limited to the cloud but also includes various technologies to help businesses with their overall technology needs.

To summarize, SAP rebranded SAP Cloud Platform to SAP BTP to better reflect that it’s not just about cloud services anymore. It’s a comprehensive platform that provides various tools and services for businesses to build, integrate, and run all kinds of digital solutions, like mobile apps, data analytics, artificial intelligence, and more.

What makes SAP BTP different?
There are 3 significant benefits of SAP BTP Business Technology Platform, which make it a different and unique solution offering for organizations.

Integrated and Cohesive: SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP) caters to the rising demand for an intuitive and streamlined platform. It seamlessly encompasses a wide array of scenarios, including integration, data-driven value creation, and process extensibility, spanning across 25 key industries. Its capabilities foster a simplified user experience while facilitating functional interoperability between SAP applications and technology.

Business-Centric: SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP) is meticulously crafted for business transformation, emphasizing more than just technological optimization. Its features are strategically aligned to enhance the business outcomes attainable by companies. The platform provides specialized tools for both processes and data, empowering organizations to swiftly construct and enhance SAP applications. It also offers tailored business services and preconfigured content to meet domain-specific needs and facilitate focused data analysis scenarios.

Open and Versatile: Recognizing the importance of flexibility in deploying and managing business processes and IT systems, the SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP)maintains an open architecture. This enables organizations to choose their preferred deployment options, whether it’s on a hyper-scale cloud infrastructure, within SAP data centers, or their own premises.

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