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Tech Point is one of the most trustworthy SAP providers in India.

Tech Point is a SAP provider company known for its deep industry experience and high customer satisfaction. We collaborate with clients in various industry sectors to solve their most pressing challenges, from strategy to execution. We have significant expertise and a best-in-class track record in creating and delivering high-value IT-enabled business solutions.

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As an SAP provider, we do more than preach digital transformation; we also practice it. What choice do we have? The digital economy’s imperative to use data to deliver better customer experiences applies to us as much as it does to our customers.

For several years, SAP has been pursuing its digital transformation – moving to the cloud, changing business models, and adopting intelligent technologies to get the most out of our data. A critical part of this journey has been moving our cloud offerings off legacy databases and onto the SAP HANA platform. This project is complete for most cloud line-of-business (LoB) solution portfolios. This paper explores the transformation stories of the organizational units that support these solutions. These units faced two common challenges, including the teams supporting SAP S/4HANA® and SAP Customer Experience solutions.

The first challenge focused on adapting each solution to take full advantage of the architecture of SAP HANA. Applications and solutions were re-engineered to exploit its ability to bring together transactions and analytics on a single data instance, thus enabling real-time business insight.

There are many learning benefits to SAP-HR functional training courses, but the prominent benefits are as follows.

  • SAP HR functional training helps to gain expertise in software and programs that run along with SAP HR modules.
  • SAP HR builds technical solid support for the organization you are working for.
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